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Our niche is building quality, affordable, entry-level, “Spec” homes.  A Spec home is one where the builder has planned and designed all elements of the home, and is building the home before there is a customer who is committed to buying it.  Using this approach, we have been highly successful, selling 80+ homes in the Denison, TX area since 2019.

Thoughtful Planning:

We plan and design all of our homes from the bottom up using a collaborative approach with our customers, designers, craftsmen and tradesmen.  We are not distracted by “trendy”, and focus on “timeless” architectural form and interior layout and design that makes our house, your home for years to come.

Building Best Practices:

Engineered foundations, committed work crews, superior energy efficient design and technology are our standard.  Quality materials and workmanship backed by an industry recognized 1-2-10 Warranty are just a few of the reasons you will feel the difference in a home built by Trinity River Homebuilders.

Customer Sales and Service

Although our niche is entry-level, our Sales and Service is focused on a higher standard.   Service oriented and trained to address your concerns, we will ensure that you have the information you need to make your home buying decision with confidence.  Our goal is to deliver the same level of service after you buy your new home, as we did when you were deciding to buy your home.

Predictable Process

The home buying experience can be both satisfying and stressful at the same time.  Our processes are designed to reduce the stress and maximize satisfaction.  We guide you step-by-step.  Mortgage lending partner referrals, pre-close walk-throughs, Home Operation/Warranty Orientations, closing and beyond.   Our goal is to guide you to clarity and confidence from start to move-in.   For the best experience, book an appointment today

Buyer Incentives!  Up to $5,000 credit towards closing costs.  For the best experience, book an appointment.

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